Building a snowman can be crossed off my list of things to do in 2015

At the beginning of the year I made a bucket list of all the things that I wanted to do this year. I can just about cross making a snowman off that list now.



Waking up to snow

We unexpectedly woke up to snow this morning and my eldest daughter was really excited and wanted to go out straight away. We managed to have breakfast first and then went out straight away, which turned out to be a good thing as the snow was starting to melt.

Firstly we went for a walk and then when we came back we made a snowman, of sorts, in our back garden. Ideally a bigger layer of snow would have been better, but we did manage to rustle up enough to get this snowman built.

No help from daughter

I thought my daughter would have liked to get involved, but she seemed a little scared of the snow. Although she was loving going out in it and was really excited, she didn’t really want to touch it. It was therefore mummy and myself who built the snowman. My daughter was really excited to see it go up though and didn’t want to go inside once it was finished.

Just in time

We finished the snowman just in time as by 13.00 pretty much all the snow had melted. I’m glad we therefore made the most of the opportunity we had. Our daughter was loving looking at the snowman from inside the house and was even showing her big cuddly snowman the real snowman outside.

snowman looking at snowman


I’m grateful that we just about had the chance to cross building a snowman of the list. Although I’m hoping we still get more¬†snow this year so we can build another one. Hopefully next time my daughter will want to get more involved.


Stopping at two