Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

We have had the Baby Bjorn Carrier since our first daughter was born and it is an invaluable piece of equipment especially as we live in the countryside. We try and do a lot of walking and with a baby carrier you can get to a lot of places that you cannot do with a buggy or pram. It is also really comfortable and easy to use. This carrier can be used from birth and we used it till our first was about 18 months. We could have used it longer but we have since bought a backpack style carrier which is better for your back when making long walks. However I now use it a lot with my youngest daughter. Probably even more so than I did with the first.

What is good about it is that it allows you to have almost complete freedom of movement, which is something you need when trying to look after a toddler at the same time. It is also calming for the baby. For example if I’m trying to cook and my youngest daughter starts crying I put her in the carrier and she usually calms down and falls asleep within a few minutes. This means I can get on with the things I need to do and she is nice and cosy.

I would really recommend this carrier as it gives you a lot of freedom, especially when looking after two.