Can you move a sleeping baby or toddler?

Or in my case try and move them from the car into bed

My eldest daughter has been rebelling against her naps for the past few weeks. What has made it worse is that since the last week or so she has figured out how to open doors.

This means that not only will she get out of bed, she will get out of her room and explore the whole upstairs.

Swimming didn’t work

So today we went swimming as she always gets really tired after that. It worked to a certain extent. She fell asleep five minutes before we got home. This is unusual for her as she has pretty much stopped sleeping in the car.

Last year when she used to fall asleep in the car we could easily carry her in and even if she half woke up most of the time she soon settled back down. As we didn’t want to leave her asleep in the car we decided to try and move her. This turned out to be a big mistake, she woke up straight away and flat out refused to settle after that. She got straight out of bed and out of her room every time we tried to put her down. In the end she didn’t have a nap and she was overtired towards the end of the day. 

Double trouble

To make matters worse her younger sister also woke up when we carried her carseat out of the car. Between the two of them they certainly kept my wife and myself busy this afternoon. So should we have moved them or just left them to sleep in the car? Is it ever okay to potentially wake a sleeping baby? Please let me know in my poll.


In hindsight I think letting them sleep in the car might have been better, however at the time I was pretty sure they would settle back down if they did wake up.