My daughters have a sixth sense

My daughters seem to have a sixth sense for waking up and/or causing mischief at exactly the wrong time.

At Night

I can pretty much guarantee that every night when I try to sleep one or the other will wake up and cry. Not often enough for me to get up, but enough to think that they must sense that I’m wanting to go to sleep.

The worst nights are the ones where they gang up on you. One will be up with wind till two in the morning and once they’re finally settled the other will wake up ten minutes later. It’s amazing how often this seems to happen.

During the day

There are so many times when they are no trouble all day long and just when you need them to be quiet for five minutes as you’re on the phone or cooking they’ll be crying or throwing a tantrum. It’s not necessarily that they’re not getting attention at that point as my eldest will happily play on her own for quite a while and my youngest is often asleep or happy playing on her piano gym. It’s just that they sense what is the worst time for you to draw attention to themselves and then they do it.

Please tell me this phenomenon isn’t restricted to just my household.

This could get embarrassing…words you hope won’t come out in public.

Now my daughter is chattering more she comes out with things that could get embarrassing if spoken in public. Some of these are our own fault.

From an early age we used to say farty pants when my daughter broke wind. She now practically shouts it out herself when someone breaks wind. Not only does she say farty pants she’ll also name and shame the person who broke wind. That could be mummy, daddy, her four month old sister or herself. It’s only happened a few times in public and fairly quietly. Nobody else reacted to it so I think we’ve got away with it so far.

However that is not the worst that she could say.

Two current fears

– Great tit(s): My daughter has been really interested in birds recently and we often show her a bird book at night. She can recognize different species and often says tits or even blue or great tits when we are out and about. Now this isn’t that embarrassing in itself. However, it could get very embarrassing if she says it just as my wife is breastfeeding her baby sister.

– Fork: That’s an innocent enough word you might think. However my daughter pronounces it in  a very rude way. Just replace the “or” in fork with “uc” and you will get the gist. We had her uncle over for tea last weekend and she said it a few times as her fork was just out of reach. We all ended up in uncontrollable stitches which made it worse as she then thought it was funny and kept shouting out the word.

Then when she didn’t want her fork anymore she said “fork off”. You can just imagine the reaction this got. I’m just waiting for this to happen when we are out eating in public.

Please tell me we’re not alone

If you’ve got any embarrassing words that your children have come out with in public or that they are saying in private, but you fear they might say in public I would love to hear about it. It would be great to know that this happens to everybody.

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Things that go bump in the night.

That would be my daughter.

Yesterday I wrote about us taking the sides of my daughters cot and giving her a big girls bed. You can find that blog entry here. Last night we found out that we should have added a bit of protection/cushioning.

The 1am wake up call.

We were woken up to my daughter crying and when I went to see her I found her on the floor next to her bed. She had apparently rolled off the bed and landed on the floor. This was by no means a hard landing, as there is a rug and carpet next to her bed. However it was certainly a shock for her. We manged to calm her down and then began roll proofing her bed.

Adding soft sides.

We rolled up some towels and stuffed them into the side of her bed, providing a cushioned bumper so that she could not roll out of bed easily. When she eventually went back to sleep we had no more incidents and she woke up happy this morning. As i’m writing this she is having her afternoon nap and apart from the incident yesterday she seems to be taking to her bed like a duck to water. Fingers crossed it continues.

From cot to toddler bed, the jury is still out.

So after our daughter turned two on Tuesday my wife and I decided yesterday that it was time to take the plunge and get her into a proper bed. So we decided to take the side down from her cot and give her a pillow and duvet instead of a sleeping bag. The picture below is how we presented it to our daughter.

big girls bed

 Initial reaction

My daughters reaction to it was great she was so happy to have a big girls bed. She got a bit over excited and decided to put every cuddly toy in the bed. The picture below is what her bed looked like when she was putting her toys in. 20150131_120843


However she did do really well yesterday with both her nap and at nighttime. She settled really quickly and didn’t get out of the bed at all. Which was really good and unexpected. It could just be that she forgot that she could now get out of the bed herself.

Jury still out

However the jury is still out as to how it will develop over the next few weeks. Today for example she didn’t have a nap and was running around her room. However another explanation for that could be that her uncle came to visit and only arrived half an hour before her nap time so she might have been too excited to sleep. This evening it took her a while to settle, but again that could have been over tiredness. The threat of putting the side back on her bed didn’t work. She did eventually settle and manged to tuck herself in under the duvet.

Exciting few weeks

Hopefully within the next few weeks she’ll settle down and enjoy the new found freedom she has with a proper bed. It will be a major step from baby to toddler/child if she can successfully adapt to sleeping in her new bed. I’ll let you know how we get on. It would also be great to hear your stories of making the change from cot to bed.

Building a snowman can be crossed off my list of things to do in 2015

At the beginning of the year I made a bucket list of all the things that I wanted to do this year. I can just about cross making a snowman off that list now.



Waking up to snow

We unexpectedly woke up to snow this morning and my eldest daughter was really excited and wanted to go out straight away. We managed to have breakfast first and then went out straight away, which turned out to be a good thing as the snow was starting to melt.

Firstly we went for a walk and then when we came back we made a snowman, of sorts, in our back garden. Ideally a bigger layer of snow would have been better, but we did manage to rustle up enough to get this snowman built.

No help from daughter

I thought my daughter would have liked to get involved, but she seemed a little scared of the snow. Although she was loving going out in it and was really excited, she didn’t really want to touch it. It was therefore mummy and myself who built the snowman. My daughter was really excited to see it go up though and didn’t want to go inside once it was finished.

Just in time

We finished the snowman just in time as by 13.00 pretty much all the snow had melted. I’m glad we therefore made the most of the opportunity we had. Our daughter was loving looking at the snowman from inside the house and was even showing her big cuddly snowman the real snowman outside.

snowman looking at snowman


I’m grateful that we just about had the chance to cross building a snowman of the list. Although I’m hoping we still get more snow this year so we can build another one. Hopefully next time my daughter will want to get more involved.


Stopping at two

Rainbow cake a big success, but a lot of hard work.

My wife and myself spent a good part of yesterday baking and decorating a rainbow cake to take to our local toddler group as it was our daughters second birthday on Tuesday.

The result is below. I felt it turned out pretty well although the icing wasn’t that even.

Rainbow Cake









This is pretty straight forward to make although we struggled with the decoration.

The layers are a basic victoria sponge recipe which is split into six and food colouring is added before it is put in the oven. There’s a layer of buttercream frosting between each layer and then just a store bought icing was rolled out and put on the tops and sides. This was the most difficult part as it was very difficult to get smooth. However we used some sash to go round the cake to hide most of the imperfections.

The reaction

The cake seemed to go down a treat at the toddler group , although are daughter looked a bit bemused when it was brought out and didn’t want to blow out the candles. All in all I’d say it was a big success though.

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